2017 FHHO Trustee Election

Each year the members of FHHO meet to elect our board of trustees, who in turn appoint an executive committee comprised of area residents to manage the association. The board provides governance and fiduciary oversight, sets policy, and assesses FHHO's overall performance. We are extremely grateful for their dedication and contribution to our work. These volunteers make time in their busy schedules for Forest Hill and donate hundreds of hours of their efforts without compensation.

The people listed on the 2017 ballot have nominated themselves for election to the FHHO board of trustees. You can read more about each nominee by clicking on their name below. And, for your information, the trustee duties are listed at the bottom of this page.

2017 Trustee Nominees (click on a name to open candidate's bio)

2017 Trustee Ballot  (Click to open)

2017 Trustee Ballot (Click to open)

Lee Barbee - Hereford Road

Bennanaye Brooks - Lee Road

Dorothy Broz - Mayfield Road

Robert Cameron - Blackmore Road

Marsha Cappy - Fenemore Road

Dyeatra Carter-Williams - Mt. Vernon Boulevard

Judy Charlick - Eastwick Drive

Eda Daniel - Brewster Road

Kristen Fragassi - Blackmore Road

Martin Golnick - Chelsea Drive

Pete Grebus - Monticello Boulevard

Mary Hall - Rumson Road

Hattie Helm - Forest Hills Boulevard

Chris Hubbert - Rumson Road

Fernando John - Newbury Drive

Les Jones - Chelsea Drive

Sue Kenney - Mt. Vernon Boulevard

Pamela King - Brandon Road

Donna Kolb - Rumson Road

John Langner - Blackmore Road

Sharon Leary - Newbury Drive

Hester Lewellen - Eastwick Drive

Jackie Lewis - Monticello Boulevard

Kate Lewis - Kew Road

David McMurray - Blackmore Road


Mace Mentch - Chelsea Drive

Jan Milic - Chelsea Drive

Sandra Morgan - Henley Road

Richard O'Donnell - Blackmore Road

Trina Prufer - Brewster Road

Matthieu Ramsey - Brewster Road

Fiona Reilly - Blackmore Road

Mike Reilly - Blackmore Road

Frank Ricchi - Mt. Vernon Boulevard

Clark Rice - Chelsea Drive

Mary Rice - Monticello Boulevard

Ronald Ross - Glynn Road

Dale Rothenberger - Newbury Drive

Anthony Rupcic - Seaton Road

Gerald Saidel - Chelsea Drive

Peter Schofield - Mt. Vernon Boulevard

Jim Simpson - Burlington Road   

Eileen Smotzer - Rutherford Road

Rosanna Sprague - Burlington Road

Kenneth Tench - Westover Road

David Ward - Hollister Road

Catherine Wells - Glynn Road

Mike Wells - Glynn Road

Nate Wright - Monticello Boulevard

FHHO trustee duties:

Deliver welcome packets

Welcome packets are provided by the Membership Chair.  The trustee is expected to notify FHHO of any new residents, acquire a packet, and deliver it in person to the new resident.  The trustee is expected to point out the dues solicitation, and speak to the positive impact the organization is making to Forest Hill.

Discuss FHHO with residents and solicit support

We currently see resident financial participation approaching 25%.  We need trustee help to solicit donations from non-participating members (residents).

Support FHHO goals and objectives

Once we have established the priorities and goals for 2017, which will be driven by trustee input and executive direction, trustees are expected to support these efforts through volunteerism and encouraging neighborhood involvement.

Report standards violations

The standards team needs trustee help to identify problems or changes related to roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and yard maintenance. 

Represent members to the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets monthly.  All trustees are welcome to attend.  If not able to attend, they are expected to communicate any issues to the Chairman of the Board.

Attend 2 bi-annual trustee meetings

The spring meeting is generally focused on agenda setting for the year, while the fall meeting is generally when executive elections are held.

Engage street for block parties

Social interaction is critical to building a strong community.  FHHO would like every block to host an annual block party.  FHHO’s social and street club chair will help trustees establish a block party “team”, led by street trustees.

Trustee opportunities

In addition, every trustee is expected to join an existing committee, or with the approval of the executive committee, form a new committee, or work on a special project.

May 1, 2017