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Fall Trustee Meeting

Forest Hill Home Owner elections for the upcoming year are always held at the Fall Trustee meeting in September.  This year that meeting is coming up on September 15. 


The six offices that will be voted on by the Trustees at that time are:

Chairman of the Board, President, Senior Vice President, VP for Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer. 


The current officeholders are:

Chairman of the Board: Christopher Hubbert

President: Pete Grebus

Senior VP: (vacant)

VP for Membership: Mary Rice

Secretary: Joyce Rothenberger

Treasurer: Tony Rupcic


Chris, Pete, Mary, and Tony have expressed a willingness to stay on and will receive a nomination. Joyce has said she is ready to “retire.”


Brief descriptions of the duties of each office can be found in the Code of Regulations on line at -


If you have suggestions or nominations or self-nominations for these or any of the other positions, please let one of of the Nominating Committee members know by phone or email.  Or contact your Trustee.  Please nominate only those people who confirm to you that they are willing to serve.

Hester:  Phone: 216-333-5656.  Email:

Jan:       Phone: 216-932-4658.  Email:

Dean:    Phone: 216-932-6120.  Email:

Hattie:   Phone: 216-321-6193.  Email:

Nate:     Phone: 216-932-1062.  Email:


In addition we will take nominations from Trustees from the floor.  If there are two or more candidates for any office, the nominees will be asked to make a brief statement about their commitment to our organization and how they hope to meet the responsibilities of the office. There will be time allowed for dialog between the candidates and Trustees before the vote.


Thank you!


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