FHHO, Inc.

Forest Hill Home Owners is an Ohio non-profit corporation that was formed in 1950 by filing articles of incorporation with the Ohio Secretary of State. Our operations are governed by the association's covenants and bylaws (sometimes referred to as code of regulations) which have always been written according to the Ohio Revised Code for non profit corporations, ORC-1720, a legal requirement that was confirmed in the fall of 2018 when one of the foremost legal experts in the Ohio Planned Community Law, provided a detailed analysis of our covenants confirming that our HOA does not qualify as an Ohio Planned Community. To read the full text of this analysis, CLICK HERE.

Under our bylaws, residents meet annually, usually in October or November, to elect our Board of Trustees (sometimes referred to as directors). Our bylaws state that the number of Trustees can range from 15 - 50, with the Board determining the number. For 2018/2019, the number will be 15. The Board of Trustees usually meet quarterly. Trustees also serve on a variety of committees, which meet at regular intervals.

The Board of Trustees elects an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President of Membership, and Chair of the Board of Trustees. The Board also elects a Chair of the Standards Committee who also sits on the Executive Committee as a voting member. Chairs of other committees may also sit on the Executive Committee as non-voting members, at the discretion of the President. The Executive Committee may appoint additional non-voting Vice Presidents, as needed. The Executive Committee typically meets on a monthly basis, or more often if required. The Executive Committee is responsible for all decisions of the Board between Board meetings.

A planned schedule of meeting dates for the Trustees, Executive Committee, and the residents’ meetings are posted on this site.

At each meeting of the residents and Board of Trustees the association's secretary or a person appointed to serve as the secretary for the meeting, keeps minutes of the proceedings. These minutes are posted on this site. Executive Committee minutes are filed in the Corporate Office (The Blue Cottage.)