Call for Officer Nominations

Forest Hill Home Owners Executive Committee Nomination Form, 2018/19








1.     What positions would you consider (X the ____)

·              ____ President - is FHHO's chief executive officer. The president will preside at all meetings of the members and the executive committee. The president may not also serve as FHHO's chairperson.

·              ____Senior Vice President - will assist the president and perform all the duties of the president in his or her absence.

·              ____Chairman of the Board

·              ____Treasurer - is FHHO's chief financial officer. The treasurer is responsible for receiving and maintaining all funds and other assets belonging to FHHO and will disburse and maintain them as authorized by the board of trustees.

·              ____VP of Membership - is responsible for welcoming new residents, communicating with members and encouraging member participation in FHHO and the Forest Hill community

·              ____Chair of Standards 

·              ____Secretary - is responsible for keeping minutes of all the proceedings of the members and trustees and maintaining the corporate record book. The secretary will also maintain a record of the names and contact information of the members, trustees and officers

·              ____VP of Social Engagement (non-voting)

·              ____VP of Marketing (non-voting)

·              ____VP of Properties (non-voting)


2.     Can you tell us about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills? How would you describe your leadership style?



3.     How long have you lived in Forest Hill, and why did you choose this community? 



4.     Have you been involved with FHHO, any non-profit organization or, local government? If so, please share your experience.



5.     Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee and what initiative(s) will you champion? 



6.     What personal characteristics or professional expertise do you have that you feel would enhance your role and why?





Feel free to provide us with any additional information you think we should know about how you see yourself serving the community. 







Thank you for submitting your nomination.


The best thing that transpired this summer was the number of people who met and

made friends with people they didn’t know. Opportunities to do this were at block parties, the Sunday afternoon Book Swap and various pop-up parties at people’s homes.

A garden walk introduced neighbors to fantastic back yards in our area.


We connected with and were recognized by Future Heights, with requests from other neighborhoods for our Stop Here and Chat project.  A core of Forest Hill people worked at homes on the Cleveland Heights House Tour in September.


Numerous residents were engaged through thank-you notes and condolence cards.  Jo met many residents in person as she contacted them on foot door to door. Responses to all of these efforts were extremely positive with offers to help on projects or events.


It was gratifying to have business owners and individuals support our efforts with generous dollar contributions.


Small groups shared rides to concerts, theater performances and films this summer. Each time those who went felt closer to the others.


We’re now moving from fall into the holiday season, and from outdoor activities to those inside, but opportunities to meet people you didn’t know before are still abundant.  Small living room gatherings will lead to more fast friendships and discoveries of mutual interests.


A lot of research shows that members of a community are safer and happier when they know and share interests with those who live near them and share enjoyable activities.


We will be contacting residents with opportunities to participate in meaningful gatherings  for the next few months.


Going forward, I hope that we will all make an effort to know our neighbors, by name and in friendship.   I hope that we will help when help is needed, reach out to isolated neighbors and nurture a commuity of interactive and supportive people who enjoy life together.


House healers: East Cleveland couple saves and restores historic home back to its original shine

An East Cleveland couple, Jamain and Kesha Owens, are taking it upon themselves to preserve the rich history of the city’s Forest Hill neighborhood by restoring homes, including this iconic mid-century ranch. Their most recent work on the house located at 16237 Forest Hills Blvd. recently earned them a Cleveland Heights Historic Preservation Award.

Read more about the Owens and their latest Forest Hill renovation in Freshwater Cleveland, Wednesday, November 8, 2017. 

http://www. breaking-ground/ Preservationaward110817.aspx