Forest Hill News: FHHO Spring Trustee Elections, FOREST HILL 6TH ANNUAL MONSTER SALE GARAGE SALE EXTRAVAGANZA, Residents Day at Cain Park, Road Resurfacing, Parade the Circle and More

Trustee Elections

I'm a bit tired from typing up forty-nine trustee candidate bios for the 2017 trustee election, but it was a great opportunity to meet forty nine of my neighbors. A third of the way through my pile, I noticed that a much communicated thread among the candidates was, as homeowners, they each felt a sense of responsibility to get involved to assist in preserving the diversity, tranquility and aesthetics of the neighborhood. It was a pleasure seeing many returning trustees, residents with a long-time commitment to FHHO and the community, as well as residents (old and new) with a desire to be involved with the organization and the neighborhood. Each of these homeowners and candidates has a point of view that may interest and excite you.

FHHO encourages all trustees to make themselves known to their residents and neighbors. It helps residents know who they can contact for concerns regarding their street or other issues in their community. It also helps trustees in getting important information out to residents (newsletters, meeting notices, city and community information). Each of the candidates has put together a short bio to introduce themselves to the members of Forest Hill. I encourage members to take the time to browse the candidate bios and get to know your neighbors.

It was exciting to see so many members of the Forest Hill community who are interested in taking an active interest in the neighborhood. You are voting for residents and members of the FHHO community to execute FHHO trustee duties (you can read more about trustee duties HERE). As homeowners and members of the FHHO, you are encouraged to participate in issues that important to you. Even if your issue is clearing more room in your attic space by participating in the next 2017 Forest Hill Monster Garage Sale! 

Best wishes to all trustee candidates and I'll be available at the Blue Cottage next Saturday, May 6, if anyone would like to stop in for a ballot or to answer any questions you have about FHHO or the upcoming trustee election.

Thanks to all candidates for your participation!

Best, Pete Grebus (President, FHHO)

  • Get your Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. Ballot for the Election of Trustees on May 11, 2017 HERE.

  • Meet your trustee candidates HERE.

Updated 05/02/17- Nominee, David Ward, was inadvertently left off the original ballot. It has been corrected. Sorry about that David.

Residents Day at Cain Park

It's that time of year again!

A special block of seats to all events will be available for purchase at Cain Park — in person by Cleveland Heights residents only—on Saturday, May 27 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with a photo ID (e.g. driver’s license) plus two proofs of current residency (e.g. utility or other bills) or a current Cleveland Heights Recreation ID. No phone or fax orders will be accepted. No fee will be added to ticket purchases on this day only.

Visit the Cain Park website for more information.

Residents Day at Cain Park Ticket Office
Ticket Office opens for Cleveland Heights residents only
Date: 5/27/2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Cain Park Main Ticket Office
Enter at Superior/Goodnor entrance
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 44118

Road Resurfacing

Anyone driving South of Mayfield or East of Taylor is bound to hit a road resurfacing project. Cleveland Heights has details and updates of current (and upcoming) road resurfacing projects. For updates on Cedar Road and Noble Road resurfacing, you can visit the Cleveland Heights City Website.

Get Ready for Parade the Circle with Workshops in Puppetry, Mask-Making, Stilt Walking & More

Parade: Saturday 6/10 @ 11AM-4PM

Workshops: Fridays May 5 through June 9

The 28-year-old do-it-yourself parade/celebration known as Parade the Circle, sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Art, isn’t about just sitting at the curb watching — although you are welcome to do that too. It’s all about community participation. Families, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, scout groups and church congregations can all come up with ideas and be part of the colorful, festive array of paraders.

To give people a bit of encouragement and a lot of skills, the Cleveland Museum of Art hosts workshops, starting Fri 5/5 and continuing until the eve of the event Sat 6/10. Learn to make masks, costumes, props and giant puppets from papier-mache, cloth and recycled materials. Or join a stilt workshop and be one of the stilt dancers that are a hallmark of the parade.

All workshops take place across the street from the art museum in the parade tent in the former CIA parking lot.

Workshop passes are $75 for individuals, $200 for groups of up to four people, with each additional person $50. Call 216-707-2483 or go to


If you haven't voted for the Coventry Village Business District in America’s Main Streets contest, you can vote daily through May 28.

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