Call for Officer Nominations

Forest Hill Home Owners Executive Committee Nomination Form, 2018/19








1.     What positions would you consider (X the ____)

·              ____ President - is FHHO's chief executive officer. The president will preside at all meetings of the members and the executive committee. The president may not also serve as FHHO's chairperson.

·              ____Senior Vice President - will assist the president and perform all the duties of the president in his or her absence.

·              ____Chairman of the Board

·              ____Treasurer - is FHHO's chief financial officer. The treasurer is responsible for receiving and maintaining all funds and other assets belonging to FHHO and will disburse and maintain them as authorized by the board of trustees.

·              ____VP of Membership - is responsible for welcoming new residents, communicating with members and encouraging member participation in FHHO and the Forest Hill community

·              ____Chair of Standards 

·              ____Secretary - is responsible for keeping minutes of all the proceedings of the members and trustees and maintaining the corporate record book. The secretary will also maintain a record of the names and contact information of the members, trustees and officers

·              ____VP of Social Engagement (non-voting)

·              ____VP of Marketing (non-voting)

·              ____VP of Properties (non-voting)


2.     Can you tell us about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills? How would you describe your leadership style?



3.     How long have you lived in Forest Hill, and why did you choose this community? 



4.     Have you been involved with FHHO, any non-profit organization or, local government? If so, please share your experience.



5.     Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee and what initiative(s) will you champion? 



6.     What personal characteristics or professional expertise do you have that you feel would enhance your role and why?





Feel free to provide us with any additional information you think we should know about how you see yourself serving the community. 







Thank you for submitting your nomination.