Forest Hill Home Owners’ Annual Members’ Meeting, was held on Tuesday, December 11th, 6:30pm. Trustees for 2019 were elected by the members. For the list of new trustees CLICK HERE.


The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were approved. The association’s Treasurer, Tony Rupcic presented the year’s end statement, reporting that in addition to the routine expenditures, we had two large unusual expenses this year. One was $2,000 for interim help with the website, which had not been functional since June 2017. This included the cost for hosting and training Jo Fox and Jan Milic to take over management since we no longer had the free services of Laura Grebus, who so generously developed the site and managed it in previous years. The other was $2,500 for a legal opinion on the covenants to establish whether or not FHHO qualifies as an Ohio Planned Community (it was clearly established that it does NOT.) Despite these two large expenses, the Treasurer reported that expenses were currently only about $1,000 more than revenues so we could be optimistic that we would end the year with a balanced budget, which after several very generous contributions made by members attending the meeting, was a goal that was accomplished.

Sue Kenney gave a dynamic presentation about the Forest Hill Aging in Place Resource Guide which she has developed together with Judy Charlick. Examples of information provided include places to call for transportation, utility problems, home repairs or home help, and even library book delivery and pick-up. Sue told a story about how she had into CVS and asked if they would deliver prescriptions to people who were unable to leave their homes or drive to pick them up - the answer was No. Then she went to Walmart and asked the same question. Here she was told that they would deliver up to 3-prescriptions at a time. Sue and Judy are looking for residents to help them get this resource into the hands of every Forest Hill resident who could benefit from the information it contains, as well as spread information about it to other communities. Several organizations in both East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights, including Future Heights, which published an article on it in the December issue of the Heights Observer, have already received the resource with great enthusiasm. In addition to the benefits of the information it contains, Sue and Judy see distribution of the resource as a way of extending neighborliness and engaging community. You can download a copy of the Resource Guide HERE.


For the legal opinion received from the lawyer engaged to perform an analysis of our covenants and provide an opinion on whether FHHO qualifies as an Ohio Planned Community, CLICK HERE

After years of controversy caused by a few residents spreading misinformation about FHHO being illegal and not even being an HOA because it was not functioning as an Ohio Planned Community (OPL) and was not using bylaws written according to the Ohio Planned Community Law (OPCL), the FHHO bylaws committee recommended to the Executive Committee that the Association engage an attorney who could perform an analysis of covenants - the document which determines whether we qualify as an Ohio Planned Community, and provide an opinion on whether we qualify as an OPC and if so whether we can use any of tools provided by OPCL. Bids were obtained from three different firms and a recommendation of a highly qualified attorney to perform the analysis made to the board.

Our Community

If you are considering relocating to Greater Cleveland, you'll feel quite at home here among Forest Hill residents. In addition to being a very good choice for young families, urban sophisticates and active retirees, Forest Hill is home to many executives, educators, artists, musicians and writers. Enjoy a quick commute to nearby University Circle (ten minutes by car and twenty minutes by bus) or downtown Cleveland.

Mission Statement

Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. was formed in 1950 for the purpose, as stated in its certificate of incorporation, “[t]o promote, safeguard, and improve the property values in and the general welfare of the community known as Forest Hill.” For more than half a century the board of trustees and the executive officers of FHHO have been charged with interpreting this broad purpose statement and pursuing specific goals that further the association’s mission.

Vision Statement

To create and foster excellence in community, environment and quality of life, the FHHO is committed to excellence through:

  • Volunteer Leadership

  • Clarity and Consistency

  • Stewardship of Assets

  • Pro-Active Communication

  • Service to Residents

  • Providing a Safe and Secure Living Environment

Core Values:

  • Vision

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Clarity

  • Respect