There will be events all through the month. Everyone can participate and you don’t’even have to leave home: Put some lawn chairs in your front yard and get a sign from us that says STOP HERE AND CHAT.

To get a yard sign delivered to you, email foresthillfuture@gmail.com   - Have refreshments or not.

            Create your own event and post it on NextDoor!  Check for updates, additions, cancellations at fhho.org

                                                   TAKE A LOOK AT THE SWIM CLUB2-4 pm  Swim Club is on Lee behind Forest Hill Church Presbyterian

 SUNDAY, JUNE 24:  3-5pm  BOOK SWAP AND GIVEAWAY  3111 Chelsea Bring books to give away or swap. Bring a favorite book to talk about.  Marguerite Bernstein, Little Free Library advocate, will be on hand.





Forest Hill Home Owners May 6th
Annual Meeting Postponed

The annual meeting of Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. (FHHO) scheduled for May 6th at McGregor has been postponed until further notice.

The meeting, as its primary purpose, was to elect the FHHO board of trustees for 2018-2019.
Due to delays in completing this year’s nominating process, and ongoing legal review and debate on major changes to the current FHHO bylaws, resident information regarding the next election is behind schedule.

The two guest speakers, Margaret Lann from the Cleveland Restoration Society and Gordon Hay from the East Cleveland Parks Association, will be rescheduled at a later date.


Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. was formed in 1950 with a mission to:

“promote, safeguard, and improve the property values in and the general welfare of the community known as Forest Hill.”

Our Community

If you are considering relocating to Greater Cleveland, you'll feel quite at home here among Forest Hill residents. In addition to being a very good choice for urban sophisticates and active retirees, Forest Hill is home to many executives, educators, artists, musicians and writers. Enjoy a quick commute to nearby University Circle (ten minutes by car and twenty minutes by bus) or downtown Cleveland.

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