For Contractors

All houses in Forest Hill are bound by the Rockefeller deed Covenants.

Our home renovation and preservation partners are very important to our mission and we accomplish a lot together. Please take the time to read the Forest Hill Home Owners (FHHO) Protective Deed Covenants and Preservation Guidelines.

If you have any questions about our deed covenants, preservation guidelines and/or the applications for exterior alterations (see below) or are unable to print an application, you can leave us a message at 216-932-8952 or email us at

You should obtain FHHO approval BEFORE beginning work on a project to avoid delays and complications. Please keep in mind that our review and approval is in addition to and independent of a city permit. Questions now will save you costly and timely repairs and/or Protective Deed Covenant corrections.

When is the approval of the standards committee necessary?

You must obtain the Standard Committee's approval if you plan to make exterior alterations or additions that will alter the original architectural design of your home or lot plan or when the use of materials and installations will depart from those originally used for the home. Specifically, approval is required for:

Preservation Guidelines & Policy Bulletins

  • Fence installation and/or repair

  • Window replacement

  • Roof repair and/or replacement

  • Siding replacement, installation and/or repair

  • Deck additions and patio enclosures

  • Room additions and shed installation

  • Other exterior alterations and embellishments

The criteria listed in each bulletin will serve as guidelines for the homeowner or contractor and the standards committee when either planning or reviewing an application for new construction and exterior alterations or additions.

If you plan to make any alterations or additions to your home that require the approval of the standards committee, please print and complete the appropriate application from the list below and submit it with the application fee to us at 2419 Lee Boulevard, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118-1206, Attention: Standards.

Again, please review the relevant preservation guidelines and policy bulletins before completing your application. We will take into account the intent of your proposal and will also consider the counsel of our resident architect, building contractor, roofing consultant, preservationist, or landscape consultant. We will review your application as quickly as possible and notify you once a decision has been made.

If you have any questions about the application or are unable to print an application, you can leave us a message at 216-932-8952 or email us at

ALL exterior alterations to Rockefeller homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places require the written approval of the standards committee, other than repairs and maintenance that are consistent with the original design, materials and workmanship of the home.