Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Members of FHHO?

Anyone who owns a home in Forest Hill is, by the provisions in his or her property deed, a member of Forest Hill Home Owners.

Why Does FHHO ask for contributions each year?

All of the residents of Forest Hill are linked by the covenants that govern the use of this land.  Unlike more recent developments, however, the covenants did not call for mandatory "maintenance fees."  Our fees are voluntary.  We ask that you contribute $75 annually to help maintain the high quality of our neighborhood which in turn helps protect and increase the value of your most significant investment, your home.  Your contribution helps pay for maintaining our office, newsletters and flyers that bring you important information about our community, welcoming new neighbors, and special projects in our neighborhood to keep it attractive and unique.

Your yearly contribution is a statement that you want to support your neighborhood and homeowners association. Thank you for your contributions and please consider making this year's contributions early.

Are officers paid?

No. All officers and trustees are volunteers. We ask all officers and trustees to be current contributors, so we ask for their time and their money!

Is someone paid to do the newsletter?

No.  All newsletter work is done by volunteers.  Various volunteers do proofreading, labeling and preparation for mailing.  We still need volunteers for the newsletter — please contact us if you are interested in helping.  If your newsletter is not addressed correctly, please leave a complete message at 216-932-8952 or email our president at

What do FHHO Trustees do?

Trustees are elected by the homeowners annually to represent the interests of the residents. The trustees should know the residents of their street, encourage a sense of neighborliness and assist residents with any matters before the Standards Committee. The trustees meet twice a year and at the fall meeting appoint an executive committee comprised of area residents to manage your association. Trustees must be dues paying members of FHHO and serve without compensation.

What is the purpose of the Standards Committee?

The Standards Committee oversees compliance with the covenants included in the deeds to Forest Hill properties regarding the use and maintenance of property. Under the terms of the covenants, the committee must review plans for any proposed exterior alterations to a property (window replacement, siding replacement, painting, roof repair, additions, fences, decks, etc.). Approved alterations are documented and placed on file for future reference. Questions concerning your deed provisions should be addressed to the Standards Committee at 216-932-8952 or

Does FHHO charge a transfer fee when Forest Hill homes change owners?

Yes, there is a $125 fee charged to the buyer at the time of closing.

Why aren't new homebuyers told about the deed restrictions before they buy a home in Forest Hill?

Real estate agents should notify prospective homeowners of the covenants, but may not be aware of the deed restrictions, or may feel that it will slow or stop their sale. We can only tell new buyers of our standards and restrictions after we know who they are.

Why doesn't FHHO keep a list of preferred contractors?

Endorsing contractors is risky because people differ on what is good work and what is a reasonable price. We can only recommend tradespersons on the basis of personal experience, which we do. The City of Cleveland Heights has a written list of contractors licensed with the city. You can get this list at city hall. Another good source for contractors, as well as rental of specialized tools and classes in home repair for Cleveland Heights residents is the Home Repair Resource Center located at 2520 Noble Road, 216-381-9560.

Is the Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society part of FHHO?

No, it is a separate organization. In 1986, the Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society grew out of an effort to place the 81 "Rockefeller homes" on the National Register of Historic Places. Initially, the group was part of the Forest Hill homeowners association. In 1999, the FHHPS decided it could stand on its own and separated from FHHO in order to serve the community as educators and historians of the Rockefeller legacy in greater Cleveland. Today, the two groups cooperate with one another but are distinctly different organizations.

Is the Forest Hill Swim Club part of FHHO?

No. This is also a separate organization and in no way related to the homeowners association.