Forest Hill Home Owners is a member-supported Home Owners Association that enforces the restrictive covenants that cover every property in Forest Hill. Every home-owner agreed to abide by these covenants upon signing their deeds. In addition to agreeing to abide by the intent of the covenants, all home owners automatically become members of FHHO upon signing the deed to their house. Since its formation in 1950, the Forest Hill HOA has enforced the restrictive covenants for residents ensuring that the high-quality workmanship, construction materials, architectural features and distinguished appearance, as well of the well-groomed landscapes, of our community of historic homes, have been maintained to high standards, increasing property values, and keeping our community remain vibrant and desirable.  


While the covenants stipulate that the specific architectural features, high-quality construction, carefully designed and manicured landscaping, and desirability of the community that make Forest Hill so unique should be maintained, they do not stipulate how this should be enforced or financed. Although only about 130 of the approximately 960 lots in Forest Hill had been built up, the very early residents had the foresight to form a Home Owner’s Association. As each block of houses was completed, Roose, the Grantor to whom Rockefeller had transferred the rights to oversea the protective covenants, transferred the rights for the lots in that block to FHHO. Eventually, FHHO was the Grantor for every lot in Forest Hill, each of which is subject to the restrictive covenants. Thus, in addition to agreeing to abide by the intent of the covenants, all home owners automatically become members of FHHO upon signing the deed to their house.

Since the covenants do not allow us to charge mandatory dues, FHHO relies on the voluntary contributions of residents, local businesses and other “Friends of Forest Hill.“ Contributions are critical for survival since we have to cover mandatory expenses, such as regular filing of documents with the Secretary of State, and the annual indemnity insurance for all elected officials of FHHO required by the Ohio Revised Code for all HOAs. The Ohio Revised Code also requires that we maintain a record of all residents, addresses, and contact information; this requires costs of maintaining and hosting a cloud-based database and email server. Given that not all residents should be expected to have access to the internet, it also requires that we notify residents of any members meeting by mail, thus incurring costs of printing, mailing and postage to the 1000 homes in our database. Similar mailing costs are required whenever we have to let know residents that we are looking for candidates for elections. Then there is the Blue Cottage, a historic landmark used as FHHO’s corporate offices and a club house for members of FHHO. Although its square footage may well be the smallest of any property in Cleveland Heights, its location on the corner of Lee and Monticello results in a large frontage; thus, the taxes that we must pay to the City of Cleveland Heights are higher than for many of the homes in Cleveland Heights, certainly higher than for most homes in the one third of Forest Hill that lies within East Cleveland. Housekeeping costs include liability insurance, building insurance, repairs, such as a recent furnace repair and re-coating of the driveway and parking lot required by the City; there are contracts such as those for snow-plowing a landscaping contract that covers the cottage grounds, the tree lawn on the South East corner of Mayfield which is directly in front of a vacant, wooded lot owned by the association, and the Northvale triangle in East Cleveland. To communicate with residents, there are the costs of website development, maintenance, and hosting. We also have costs for the printing and mailing of the newsletters that we like to send out every 2-3 months, providing reminders of various items relating to the protective covenants and standards, tips on restoration methods and sources, information on upcoming events, or just to keep members informed about social events or accomplishments of other residents.

Your contribution is critical to the success of the organization and the community that the elected officials of FHHO are is deeply committed to serving.

Thank you for supporting Forest Hill Home Owners.  Without your voluntary support, we cannot fulfill our mission. As you can see, your contributions are required in a myriad of ways to maintain the quality of our neighborhood, which in turn helps increase the value of your most significant investment, your home. Every dollar you donate is a wise investment in your community.



Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc.
2419 Lee Boulevard
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