Mission Statement

Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. was formed in 1950 for the purpose, as stated in its certificate of incorporation, “[t]o promote, safeguard, and improve the property values in and the general welfare of the community known as Forest Hill.” For more than half a century the board of trustees and the executive officers of FHHO have been charged with interpreting this broad purpose statement and pursuing specific goals that further the association’s mission.

Vision Statement

To create and foster excellence in community, environment and quality of life, the FHHO is committed to excellence through:

  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Clarity and Consistency
  • Stewardship of Assets
  • Pro-Active Communication
  • Service to Residents
  • Providing a Safe and Secure Living Environment

Core Values:

  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Clarity
  • Respect

Rights and Responsibilities:

As homeowners in Forest Hill, we are entitled to certain rights and—in return—we have certain responsibilities.

Homeowners have the right to:

  • Participate in governing the community association by attending meetings, serving on committees and standing for election.
  • Access appropriate association books and records.
  • Prudent expenditure of fees and other assessments.
  • Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.
  • Receive all documents that address rules and regulations governing the community association—if not prior to purchase and settlement by a real estate agent or attorney, then upon joining the community.
  • Appeal to appropriate community leaders those decisions affecting non-routine financial responsibilities or property rights.
  • A responsive and competent community.

In turn, homeowners have the responsibility to:

  • Read and comply with the governing documents of the community.
  • Maintain their properties according to established standards.
  • Treat association leaders honestly and with respect.
  • Vote in community elections and on other issues.
  • Pay FHHO dues.
  • Request reconsideration of material decisions that personally affect them.
  • Provide current contact information to association leaders or managers to help ensure they receive information from the community.
  • Ensure that those who reside on their property—tenants, guests or family members—adhere to all rules and regulations.