Our Story

Forest Hill spans Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland, and is bordered to the north by Glynn Road, the south by Mayfield Road, by Lee Boulevard to the west and North Taylor Road to the east. The Forest Hill neighborhood grew from John D. Rockefeller, Jr.’s vision of a community that would endure for generations. In the early 1930s he built 81 distinctive French Norman-style homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the late 1940s and 50s others were drawn to Forest Hill to build comfortable colonial and ranch homes. Today, Forest Hill is a rich tapestry of people, homes and gardens a testimony to the quality upon which Rockefeller insisted.

Rockefeller instituted protective deed restrictions to ensure the ongoing quality and architectural integrity of the Forest Hill community. These covenants require all homes to meet exceptional design and construction standards. Forest Hill Home Owners, a volunteer non-profit organization, is empowered to administer these deed provisions. FHHO also serves as a vehicle to represent the interests and concerns of Forest Hill residents to the cities of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland and among neighbors.

Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc. was formed in 1950 for the purpose, as stated in its certificate of incorporation, “[t]o promote, safeguard, and improve the property values in and the general welfare of the community known as Forest Hill.”

For more than half a century the board of trustees and the executive officers of FHHO have been charged with interpreting this broad purpose statement and pursuing specific goals that further the association’s mission.

currently fhho focuses on the following points:

  • INTERPRET and enforce the protective covenants that are contained in the deeds of all Forest Hill homes to preserve and enhance property values. The standards committee assists Forest Hill residents in making informed choices that will maintain the architectural integrity and value of their homes.

  • REPRESENT Forest Hill residents to the Cities of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland. The association seeks to obtain results by speaking with a unified voice on behalf of all Forest Hill residents.

  • INTERVENE to address issues between residents. At the request of a resident, we will work with neighbors to lessen the impact of disagreements concerning pets, noise or similar issues.

  • EDUCATE the public about Forest Hill. The website is our primary outlet to the public and receives thousands of visits a month.

  • APPRISE residents of important information about our community via the newsletter, website and annual meeting. We also use the website and Facebook to disseminate information requested by residents, such as a book-signing event for a local author or play featuring a resident actor.

  • WELCOME new residents to the community. Our vice president of membership or the area trustees attempt to greet every new resident in person and provide them with a welcome package containing information about Forest Hill and the association.

  • SUPPORT organizations with related purposes, such as the Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society and the East Cleveland Parks Association, and local block/street associations in their efforts to foster community through neighborhood social events such as block and holiday parties.

If you own property in Forest Hill, you are a member of Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc.
FHHO relies on your annual contribution to support our mission. Additionally, your support of FHHO and participation in community building projects helps promote the health and vitality of our residents, our community, our surrounding neighborhoods and our city. We appreciate all you do to help make this a livable neighborhood!
- Thank you from FHHO Board of Trustees